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The site of this dental office is located on a very narrow lot across from City Hall of Corona.  The existing residential building with a gable roof (and deemed a historical building although structurally and functionality could no longer suitable for new function) was not demolished and instead it was relocated to the Corona Historic Society lot therefore saving the cost of demolition and disposal of debris to the nearby landfill. The area has transformed from residential into a commercial zoning. 

The access to site used to be directly from the busy Sixth street and per the City recommendation it is relocated to the alley way behind the site.  The basic idea is to create a two story building by creating "solid-void masses with public-private spaces".  The horizontal window at front facade open up a view to the San Gabriel Mountain range to the north.  Parking spaces inclusive of disabled spaces were located behind the building so that building becomes the foreground of the site. The new composition allows a soaring ceiling in the lobby/waiting area.

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