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The underlying design concept of this tower represents the significant milestones using human body in Imperial standards (in feet) in lieu of metric system from birth of the nation (1. Base Observatory Deck: Independence Year), birth year of state owned company (2. Middle Observatory Deck) and Year of merging of the two state owned company as a combined  and conglomerate state owned oil producer (3. Top Observatory Deck).  The building footprint also depicts and similar to company's logo and gives orientation and direction (as if pointing) toward the Mosque which is part of this masterplan.

Above these observatory there will be viewing terraces the tower pinnacle spire that morphs into a "torch-light" which glows during evening symbolizing the eternal beacon of the nation that spirals and points up into sky signifying unlimited growth into future as a nation and one and only state owned  oil company.   This tower during its design would be one of the top 5 tallest towers in the world.

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